Manager: Yi-Shi

"I grew up in the field. When I was a kid, me and my brothers would stealthily pick up some yak down fiber when the calves were lashed on the rope, waiting their moms to be milked. If Mom saw us doing it, she would scold us badly. But my grandmom was always on our side- she would secretly slip more yak wool to us so we can take it to town to sell or exchange for some apples or snacks before heading back to school. At that young age, I did wonder what could be made from these fibers?

After I grew up, I’ve always wanted to be a school teacher, I love kids. I’ve never thought that I would become the manager of the workshop. When the aunties have been working repeatedly and had sore backs and arms, I would bring a football to the workshop so they can exercise. They are also very easy to get tired and might even fall into asleep during work, then sometimes I would tell them a joke, or simply shout next to them so hard that scare the hell out of them. When that happen, they would say to me: thank you, thank you!"


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