Artisan: Kan-Tsuo

"I was born in a nomad family, and I have a mother and a sister, then I married to my husband. We had around thirty yaks when we first got married, but later on my husband broke his legs in a motorcycle accident. So we sold all the yaks to pay for his surgery. But we didn’t feel much pity, since what happened had happened.

Now I work in the workshop and I love my colleagues here a lot. We work together every day, even so, we’ll use wechat to chat at night! And from time to time we’ll go to each other’s place to have some fun for the whole night. But I’ve always missed the days when we were in the field. So if one day we could have our yaks back, I’d like to be a nomad again! But at that time, I suppose I’ll come back to visit my friends here in the workshop very often."


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