Artisan: Chie-Boo

"I’ve seen the elderly making felt when I was little, and I enjoy watching them doing different traditional crafts. I remember once when I was still a little girl, I was watching my neighboring grandpa making felt, he saw me so fascinated by the craft and said to me: ”Maybe that’s what you did in your last life time!”

I used to be a seamstress in a Tibetan robe shop in town. Back then when the time was good, I got paid well, no matter how was the business. But after a few years, the business did not improve and so they told me that there is no job for me anymore.

Now I work here at Shangdrok, I can felt, braid, sew and knit. I’m not a fast worker, because I like to do things carefully. And I got nervous a lot every time I learn new things, worrying that I cannot learn it well, or work too slowly. But despite my slowness, there’s one kind of plait that only me know how to braid, so when I came up with that complicated pattern and show it to everybody, they were all very surprised and praised me for that! " 


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