Hand-spun Yarns

Individual wool fibers seem to have the tendency to pull other fibers together when spinning: even the short fiber of fine yak wool can be spun into a beautiful continuity of yarn. 

Vortex is everywhere. (Like water in a flushing toilet,) yarn spinning is another very common movement in our everyday life that utilizes this amazing universal law, (which mimics one of the most essential movements of the universe itself. )Through constant spinning, the fluffy, loose individual fibers of wool get drawn into a dense singular point that rebirths a beautiful continuity of yarn that possesses a completely different quality from the original material. 

The spinning speed, the feeding of material and the force between the thumb and index finger of the spinner produce a variety of yarns. Before I finished typing this sentence, a spinner has already turned many loose fibers into beautiful yarns, which solely depended upon her intangible experience and well-balanced two hands and eye coordination. 


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