Felt Flat Pouch--Fireplace in the Tent

Handmade in a Tibetan village on the plateau
Fiber Content: 90% Yak down fiber & 10% Sheep wool
Size: 22cm X 13.5cm (or 8'' X 5'')
The strap is made from dye free vegetable tanned leather.

Black yak wool tents are omnipresent on the plateau. At the center of each tent is fire. They make fire in order to make butter tea, to bring warmth, and to bring light to darkness. Fire is the heart of a nomad’s household. We try to picture this typical scene on the plateau—fire within the black tent—when designing this wallet.

The three dots inside the fire symbolize fuel used here—dried yak dung. When fuels such as wood are practically nonexistent on the plateau, dried yak dung is of paramount importance and a godsend to people on the plateau. No wonder the nomads often say: we are indebted to yaks.


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