Flat Pouch--Tibetan Robe Sleeve

Handmade in a Tibetan village on the plateau
Fiber Content: 75% Yak down fiber & 25% Sheep wool
Size: 21 * 12cm (or 8'' X 5'')
The strap is made from dye free vegetable tanned leather.

Traditional Tibetan attire is Tibetan robes. Contrary to habits of the industrialized world, they do not think floppy sleeves are cumbersome, rather, they think sleeves ought to be long to be considered beautiful.

Sleeves of a Tibetan robe are loose and wide and able to hold a plethora of objects, therefore Tibetans are accustomed to carrying things around in their sleeves. They may be perplexed by the suggestion that bags are better for carrying things around, because sleeves ARE their bags!


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