Brown Yak Down Fiber Felt Wrist Warmer

Handcrafted on the Tibetan Plateau

Wrist warmers are perfect companions to hands all huddled up in the pockets in a brisk morning. When you need warmth, pull the warmers down to fully cover your fingers; when you need your fingers, pull the warmers up and get to work. The simple design allows more flexibility and freedom of movement, while providing comfort. 

Fiber contents: 100% Yak Down Fiber
Size: wide 26 X 13cm (or 10 1/4'' X 5 1/8'') / regular 26 X 12cm (or 10 1/4'' X 4 3/4'')

The texture of wool felt scarves differs a great deal from that of woven scarves. Even though yak down is exceptionally light and soft, there is a unique, almost sculptural-like firmness to wool felt. This uniquely textured wool felt scarf can create a dramatic and sculptural look around your neck. 

All our products are hand-made, so the size would be slightly different from one another. Also, actual colors may vary.


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