A shy model

A Tibetan Girl, wearing a winter Tibetan leather robe (inside out, which means, in normal circumstance, you won’t see Tibetan people wear the robe like this, which also means, the girl in the picture is under the risk of being scolded by traditional Tibetan elders). The leather robe is made of lamb’s skin, which keeps the Tibetans warm in the minus 20~30 degree celcius winter.

The girl’s mother was a nomad, but later listened to their relatives’ suggestion, sold the yaks and moved to town. Now she and her mother both miss the life on the field. “Having yaks is better”, she said.

When we asked her if she’s willing to be our model, she responded us with shyness: “why not find someone who is attractive and beautiful?” We thought in our heart: “yes, but that someone is you!”


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