Who We Are

For thousand of years, the remote plateau of Tibet has been the home of the Northern nomads. Yak and sheep accompany them here in the high altitudes, offering not only companionship, but providing the materials needed for survival in every aspect of life.

They weave their own tents from yak wool. Felt blankets and rain jackets come from sheep wool. Across the green horizon in summer, or the white horizon in winter, you can see the black specks of the yaks and the nomad’s tents dotting the landscape.

Some may describe these Northern nomads as stubborn and thoughtless, but once you know them, you’ll discover a different view. They believe there’s a universal law, that everything runs accordingly. Do the things that should be done, and do them in the right way. They are used to long and hard labor under difficult conditions, yet they survive and prosper on almost uninhabitable land.

However, even on this remote high-altitude plateau, life today becomes increasingly complicated. The green fields of the nomads are gradually disintegrating, and the nomadic lifestyle is fading.

SHANGDROK wishes to work with these nomads, To regain their traditions to work with the materials they’ve known and worked with for centuries, the traditions that allowed them to thrive in this cold, harsh world, And to produce beautiful and worm products that can amaze the world, and make them proud of themselves again.

May the ancient and unyielding spirit of the Northern Nomads, can lead them stand confidently in this new world.