Care Instruction for Felt Bags

For the Felt

01 - Cleaning

Felt surface is not easy to be stained. If it is just slightly dusty, use tools such as a lint roller or soft brush to remove dust on the surface. If there’s a minor stain, use cotton swabs or tissue to dab alcohol onto the stained area, and then wipe clean with a piece of wet cloth.

In the case of heavy stains, immerse the felt in cold water and wash gently by hand with soap. Avoid agitation as much as possible.

Gently wring out the water by hand and then spin-dry it. Shape the bag into its original form and even the wrinkles with iron when it is still wet. Please make sure to set the temperature on iron that is suitable for wool.

02 - Dealing with piling

It is recommended to remove pilling by cutting with scissors or hair trimmer rather than pulling.

03 - Storage

It is recommended to proceed with basic cleaning before putting it into a sealed bag (preferably breathable) for long term storage.

For the Leather

Some of our products include components of vegetable tanned leather, which means over time, sunlight will darken the skin color into a deep tan tone and the texture would also be softened after frequent use and obtain a lovely aging look.

The natural leather parts are not treated, therefore it is sensitive to water and all kinds of stains. To protect the leather from stains, you can apply a thin layer of leather care oil/ wax/ conditioner. The application also helps to prevent the leather from getting too dry when not in use or stored for too long. Be mindful that such application can make the color of the leather darker.