Care Instruction for Felt Scarf

01- Removing wrinkles

To deal with slight wrinkles, you can use the steam from a kettle or use a garment steamer and run the scarf over hot steam. That will smooth the wrinkles. In the case of severe wrinkles, apply steam (or you may just use a mist sprayer) on the scarf and set the iron on the wool setting, then put a cotton bath towel over the scarf when ironing. Do not leave the iron in one spot for more than a few seconds. This could prevent damaging the fibers.

When finished, leave the scarf on a flat surface or a hanger to dry completely before wearing. This will help prevent deep wrinkles from forming if you wear it damp.

02- Washing

If washing is needed, immerse the scarf in cool water and wash gently by hand. Gently wring out the water by hand and then spin-dry. After washing there would be plenty of wrinkles, so follow the above instruction if wrinkles are not favored.

03- Dealing with piling

It is recommended to remove pilling by cutting with scissors or hair trimmer rather than pulling.

04- Long-term storage

If not in use for some time, it is recommended to store the scarf in a breathable, sealed bag after basic cleaning, to prevent it from molding or insects and household pests damages.