Care Instruction for Felt Vest

01- Cleaning

For the felt surface, use simple tools such as a lint roller or soft brush to remove dust on the felt surface. If there’s a minor stain, use cotton or tissue to dab alcohol onto the stained area, and then wipe clean with a piece of wet cloth.

In the case of heavy stains, you can immerse the vest partially or completely into cool water and wash it gently by hand with soap. Gently wring out the water by hand and then spin-dry, or press a cotton towel tightly to the felt surface to absorb excess water.

Apply steam and even the wrinkles with iron when it is still wet. Better to put a cotton bath towel over the felt when ironing, and do not leave the iron in one spot for more than a few seconds. Please make sure to set the temperature on iron that is suitable for wool.

Make sure it is completely dry before wearing.

02- Dealing with piling

It is recommended to remove pilling by cutting with scissors or hair trimmer rather than pulling.

03- Long-term storage

If not in use for some time, it is recommended to store the vest in a breathable, sealed hanging garment bag after basic cleaning, to prevent it from household pests damage and wrinkles.